Teaching Kids How to Set the Table

Created by: Emily Buys, Clever Housewife

My mom taught me how to set the table when I was young, and now as an adult, I still like to make sure the silverware is on the right side of the plate! Family mealtime is so important, and I believe the more nights per week when we can sit down and eat a meal together, the better.

September is National Family Meal Month, so before getting to the delicious food and excellent conversation, teach the kids how to set the table properly with a printable color-by-letter placemat.


While mom or dad are cooking dinner, the kids can color the table setting placemat, and get familiar with the location of all the dishes. When it’s time to set the table, the kids can use the placemat as a guide for where to place everything! To reuse over and over again, I’d recommend expanding the printable to a proper placemat size of 12”x18” and laminating it.

The kids will be occupied with coloring while dinner is being made, and the table will be set by the time dinner is ready to eat…a win-win for everyone!